Brett Young

Brett Young


Brett Young Savors the Moment in ‘Here Tonight’

“…It just was kind of an idea of writing a song where no matter what that moment might be, anybody listening to this song could make it their moment that they wish could last forever.”

Lauren Laffer • December 14, 2018

18 Best Singles of 2018

Did your favorite song make our cut?

Annie Reuter • December 7, 2018

Album Review: Brett Young’s ‘Ticket to L.A.’

Ticket to L.A. still feels like an authentic Brett Young album, while signifying his progression in sound and maturity.

Cillea Houghton • December 6, 2018

Rachel Wammack on Brett Young Tour: ‘I’m Thankful to be a Part of That’

“He told a friend of mine that he wanted to swipe me up before anyone else did, and I think that is the biggest honor that I could ever have,” she raved.

Cillea Houghton • December 3, 2018