Ryman Auditorium to Host Community Day for 125th Anniversary Celebration

In honor of its long history, the landmark is offered complimentary tour to citizens with Tennessee I.D.s to commemorate the occasion.

Kelly Brickey • March 16, 2017

Parmalee Explains What ‘On a Tear’ Means in ‘Parmalisms’

Painting the town red is a whole other ballgame for the guys of Parmalee as they like to get a little rough and rowdy on their nights out.

Kelly Brickey • March 15, 2017

Celebrate Pi Day With Dolly Parton’s Famous Walnut Pie

While the real Pi may be celebrated by mathematicians and scientists alike, we’re using this day to celebrate the circumference of one of our most favorite desserts… pie! 

Lauren Laffer • March 14, 2017

Runaway June Takes the Edge Off with Netflix Binging

They may have differring tastes, but the ladies of Runaway June can’t resist a good Netflix binge.

Kelly Brickey • March 12, 2017

Parmalee Explains Meaning of ‘Scofflin’ for ‘The Country Dictionary’

Time to chow down again on another ‘Parmalism’ for “The Country Dictionary” with the hilarious Southern term of ‘scofflin.’

Kelly Brickey • March 8, 2017

Get on Island Time with Kenny Chesney’s Key Lime Rum Cream Cheesecake

Set your clock for island time as you sit back and enjoy Kenny Chesney’s tasty recipe for Key Lime Rum Cream Cheesecakes!

Lauren Laffer • March 2, 2017

Parmalee Explains the Meaning of ‘Scufflin’ for ‘The Country Dictionary’

For this week’s clip, they talk about the true meaning of ‘scufflin’ and how it takes a lot of grit to succeed in any job you put your mind to.

Kelly Brickey • March 1, 2017

Randy Rogers Plays ‘What’s On My Phone’

We got Rogers to let us in to the secrets lying away behind his lock screen for a quick rendition of “What’s on my Phone.”

Kelly Brickey • February 24, 2017

Let The Good Times Roll With a Homemade Mardi Gras King Cake

Fat Tuesday is just around the corner! Celebrate with a slice of delicious King Cake!

Lauren Laffer • February 23, 2017

Parmalee Defines ‘Dog Bed’ for ‘The Country Dictionary’

In this week’s episode, the guys break down the term ‘dog bed’ and discuss that it’s not where a pup sleeps its day away, but rather a comfy piece of attire to throw on during a chilly day.

Kelly Brickey • February 22, 2017

Tucker Beathard’s Nashville Favorites

From chowing down on some tacos at a college Mexican food spot to catching a fly ball during the minor league baseball season, Beathard gets around Nashville! 

Kelly Brickey • February 17, 2017

Parmalee Explains Another ‘Parmalism’ for ‘The Country Dictionary’

For this week’s episode of “The Country Dictionary,” Parmalee gets down to the nitty-gritty when defining the term ‘cow tongue.’

Kelly Brickey • February 15, 2017

‘Every Little Thing’ with Carly Pearce – Valentine’s Day Edition

Carly Pearce may be on the road during Valentine’s Day this year, but that’s not stopping her from enjoying the things she loves on the romantic holiday.

carlypearce • February 13, 2017

Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Girl Squad

Girls rule, boys drool–it’s time to fall in love with some unconventional ideas on how to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your closest gal pals.

Kelly Brickey • February 13, 2017

Make Mama Proud by Cooking Up Miranda Lambert’s Meatloaf

This meatloaf will bring back sweet memories of Sunday dinners growing up.

Kelly Brickey • February 9, 2017

Parmalee Explains More ‘Parmalisms’ From ‘The Country Dictionary’

For this week’s episode of “The Country Dictionary,” the Parmalee defines what the phrase “Mildew or BBQ” means.

Kelly Brickey • February 8, 2017

Parmalee Presents the Country Dictionary of ‘Parmalisms’

With terms like ‘spoda,’ ‘whut,’ and ‘mildew or BBQ,’ Parmalee can sound pretty weird with their Southern dialect outweighing what they are actually trying to say, but now it’s time to define the terms.

Kelly Brickey • February 6, 2017

Get Ready for the Big Game with this Seven Layer Dip

This Seven Layer Dip is sure to win over both Falcons and Patriots fans! 

Libby Drake • February 2, 2017

Kenny Chesney Has Us Ready for Summer with Blue Chair Bay’s New Key Lime Cream Flavored Rum

Summertime is coming sooner than we all know it.

Kelly Brickey • February 1, 2017

Five Things We Learned From Jana Kramer’s ‘The New Potato’ Interview

The singer chatted about everything from food to lifestyle, and even included some of her beauty musts.

Lauren Laffer • February 1, 2017