Brothers Osborne’s Nashville Favorites

While Brothers Osborne find themselves on the road more often than at home in Nashville, the duo shared with Sounds Like Nashville some of their favorite spots when in Music City. At first TJ and John Osborne were hesitant to give their suggestions but after a little convincing they offered five not-so-specific locations.

“I always feel a little reticent to say because it tips people off to where we’re going to be hanging out,” TJ admitted.

Although the duo didn’t get too specific when it came to their most frequented spots on Lower Broadway or where to get hot chicken, visitors can rest easy as Nashville has plenty to offer for both.

Check out Brothers Osborne’s Nashville Favorites below:

Santa’s Pub

“I would say as far as good, notorious spots, you gotta go to Santa’s Pub for sure.”

2225 Bransford Ave. /


“You have to check out Broadway. Everyone checks it out. Even though it’s the tourist area, it’s awesome.”

1st Ave. S. and Broadway

Pancake Pantry

“If you want to get breakfast, you gotta go to Pancake Pantry. It’s a staple. Even with waiting in the long line. You’ll go up there and it’s a pretty popular place. One time I walked in there and Vince Gill was holding the door. I was only in Nashville for two years [so] it was so awesome. Only in Nashville at Pancake Pantry is there this massive country music celebrity holding the door for you.”

1796 21st Ave S. /

Country Music Hall of Fame

“The Country Music Hall of Fame for sure.”

222 5th Ave. S. /

Nashville’s Famous Hot Chicken

“You have to get some hot chicken anywhere.”

Fans can pick up Brothers Osborne’s album, Pawn Shop, on iTunes.