Country Artists Share ‘Stuff My Dad Says’

Dads say the darndest things! Sometimes they have their wise moments, but mostly all we ever hear from our fathers is the endless stream of dad jokes they’ve got flowing through their minds. (Get it? Streams and flowing…yeah, we had to throw out something along those lines.)

Instead of getting all emotional and making the dads uncomfortable, we decided to go for the lighthearted approach to Father’s Day with a segment famously known as “Stuff My Dad Says.” Only this time, it’s country music edition!

To celebrate Father’s Day 2016, we caught up with Jerrod Niemann, Clare Dunn, Drew Baldridge, Mary Sarah, Kelleigh Bannen, Steve Moakler, Natalie Stovall, Russell Dickerson and Aaron Parker, who shared some words of advice (and some dad jokes!) from their fathers.