Darius Rucker Develops Backstage Southern Whiskey

As a Southern boy and South Carolina native, Darius Rucker has the love of whiskey in his veins.

Throughout his country career, Rucker always kicked off his shows with a pre-game glass of the strong liquor as a way to get things going for his band and his backstage team. Honoring them and their tradition, he decided to release his own version of the spirit called Backstage Southern Whiskey. Creating his own brand for his drink of choice, Rucker wanted to celebrate his connection with a smooth making of whiskey himself.

“That toast is a vital part of our nightly routine,” Rucker said recently. “It’s really about celebrating the opportunity to make music together. And Backstage Southern Whiskey is now a part of that important ritual that we can share with fans.”

This isn’t Rucker’s first time in the distillery business though, as he previously made his own brand of bourbon in Kentucky. While Backstage Southern Whiskey will start its endeavor in his home state of South Carolina, the country star is excited to see how his ritual can spread to fans and whiskey drinkers alike.

“I am truly excited about the brands that we are building,” he explained. “The product and brand development process has been a lot of fun and I look forward to sharing these great spirits with everyone.”

Backstage Southern Whiskey is available now in South Carolina through RNDC Distributing.