KB in the City: Nashville Goat Yoga

Nashville. Music City. The Athens of the South. This Tennessee town may have built its reputation based on the simple stereotypes that tourists seek out on TV, but in our Nashville, we follow the trends while honoring the traditions that built this spot into the legacy it’s created. Each week, we focus on the latest gallivant around the streets we’ve come to call home for a new adventure and give readers an inside look on what makes this city special. Join us as we chronicle the hilarious and wild experiences with KB in the City.

The first time I ever heard about the possibility of exercising with miniature goats around me, my first reaction was:

“You’ve ‘goat’ to be ‘kidding’ me.”

Seriously, though. Who would have ever thought that these tiny farm animals would take the ‘baaad’ out of working out and create a fun environment to get your sweat on?

While Nashville progressively continues to turn into a huge metropolis with skyscrapers popping up in the skyline every five minutes, it continues to keep its small town charm and Southern hospitality by the people surrounding the city with their lush farmland and gorgeous attachment to nature. One family combined their love of the Tennessee countryside with the zen vibes of yoga to create an outdoor experience like none other deemed Goat Yoga Nashville.

Driving down a gravel road onto 23 acres of pure serenity, the 7:30 a.m. class on a brisk Saturday morning set the blissful atmosphere just right for the chaos to ensue. As mats graced the freshly cut grass sprinkled with fresh dew, all yogis from ages eight to 68 settled in for the once-in-a-lifetime instruction. Then, the great parade of goats clip-clopped on into the ring.

Photo Courtesy Goat Yoga Nashville

Photo Courtesy Goat Yoga Nashville

The 11 Norwegian dwarf goats stormed the open field, cozying up one by one through the exchange of leaf snacks from every guest. Nothing says bonding like feeding the little buddies by hand before having them climb on board to go with the flow, if you pardon the pun.

Despite their rather minuscule size, these goats mastered the parkour ability to hop from one yogi to the next as their own form of jumping stunts. Laughter overtook the traditional echoing of ‘Om’ as each kid towered upon the participants like a dogpile. As I assumed the downward dog position, a king of the hill playoff took place atop my own back as a couple little kids fought their way to the highest point.

Of course, everyone in the class knew the whole 21st Century phrase of ‘pictures or it didn’t happen,’ so selfies and Snapchats overruled planks and push-ups. Even the owners of the farm got involved by snapping a couple photos for those perfectly posed shots as their family pets made new friends with all in attendance.

One thing can be said of the entire class that was unlike any other workout course: the hardest muscles working throughout the hour for every yogi in the class happened to be the cheeks as grins were painted on the faces all around. From tree to child’s pose, the goats never ceased to keep the happiness in the surprisingly cool summer morning air.

As the class wound down to its final shavasana (that’s basically laying down and doing nothing, for all you newbies to yoga), the goats made their last rounds to give some love to the circle of friends. A special treat surprised me and the class as the owners lined everyone up for the daily ‘Goat Bridge,’ in which every single kid roamed from one tabletop to the next like a pathway to fun. Although the moment lasted mere seconds long, the memory will stick around a lot longer than the hooves on our shoulders.

Photo by Goat Yoga Nashville

Photo by Goat Yoga Nashville

Not only did I feel fully connected with the picturesque landscape surrounding me at my Nashville Goat Yoga experience, but at peace with my newfound yoga pals and the crazy kids that made this hidden treasure feel like home.

Summer may be winding down for the season, but Goat Yoga Nashville sets its sights on continuing into the colder months with a heated tent surrounding the fenced-in area and possible themes for the goats to dress up in during the holidays. (Goat-turned-elves for Christmas? We’re 100 percent there.)

Goat Yoga Nashville is located in the Brentwood/Cool Springs area on Split Log Road, and goat yoga classes happen throughout the week on different days and times. Classes start at $15 for a one-hour vinyasa class, and private classes are offered by request. More information about class times and reservations is available on their website or Facebook page.