KB in the City: Sips n Strokes

In this week's edition of KB in the City, it's time to pop the champagne and whip up a masterpiece worthy of the Sips n Strokes wall of fame.

Written by Kelly Brickey
KB in the City: Sips n Strokes
Photo courtesy Sips n Strokes

Nashville. Music City. The Athens of the South. This Tennessee town may have built its reputation based on the simple stereotypes that tourists seek out on TV, but in our Nashville, we follow the trends while honoring the traditions that built this spot into the legacy it’s created. Each week, we focus on the latest gallivant around the streets we’ve come to call home for a new adventure and give readers an inside look on what makes this city special. Join us as we chronicle the hilarious and wild experiences with KB in the City.

Beauty is in the eye of the beer drinker…or that’s what we’d like to think some historical philosopher said when it came to creating art while mildly under the influence.

Getting lit while painting an absolute masterpiece may sound like a disaster in the making, but Sips n Strokes located in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville keeps those strokes together if someone starts mixing their paints in the wrong way if you know what I mean. Encouraging all to raise a glass (and a brush or two) to good times and handcrafted artwork, Sips n Strokes combines both elements of a wild party with an elegant soiree for a simple night out to remember.

Some background on the whole wine and paint night falls back just a handful of years ago when studios opened their doors to everyday folks to try their hand on creating beautiful and effortless paintings while sipping on a little liquor to set the mood. As groups flocked to the idea of the low-key hangout session set up by the professionals, Nashville got its own sample of the trend when Sips n Strokes opened its doors to people in the Gulch.

Fast forward to now and the artistic activity caught on like wildfire thanks to allowing people to get their shine on as they also get their paint on.

Having a friend join me on this expressive excursion, we popped open the cheap champagne upon arrival as we mingled among the other group of ladies joining us for the evening. Classes can be as small as a handful of people or full enough to sell out the room—in fact, some people specifically request private parties to squeeze in all the spontaneous painters they can!

With the B.Y.O.B. bubbly flowing freely in the clear plastic cups, we experimented in depicting a guitar-style sketch complete with an array of colors ranging far outside the ROYGBIV scale. The best part of the Sips n Strokes layout, though? Being able to let your imagination, no matter how glazed over from the buzz of the bubbles, take hold through pigment selection and brush abilities.

A flick of the wrist here and a dab of sorts there, and we all turned into Picasso in a matter of minutes. Ok, well, maybe not well-renowned artists, but the instructor made it look like we definitely created similar pieces like that in any fancy museum from New York to Los Angeles. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but coming from a rather non-gifted designer, it definitely looked worthy of being hung in the back of the Louvre.

After following the alternative paint-by-direction motif, the instructor invited attendees over to the splat wall to sprinkle our work with whatever dye we pleased. Saving the easiest of moves for last made it all the better after the few glasses of champagne started to go to my head. Nevertheless, a scatter of dots escalated the makeshift painting into a pièce de résistance.

By the end of the evening, Sips n Strokes in Nashville helped everyone ‘unleash the artist within’ with a little help from our friends a.k.a. the booze. Creating a safe environment and responsible space to enjoy what felt like a night in with the girls with a skillful activity resembled exactly what their mission stands for. And that, right there, is a masterpiece in itself…regardless of any tipsy thoughts otherwise.

Anyone interested in dabbing their brush into the Sips n Strokes phenomenon can head to the local Sips n Strokes website to select a date/picture to recreate for a night filled with fun. Prices range from $20 and up depending on which painting and evening that the attendee wants to go to. More information on what goes down during a Sips n Strokes night can be found on their official website.