Parmalee Explains More ‘Parmalisms’ From ‘The Country Dictionary’

Have a hard time understanding Southern slang? Parmalee has you covered.

Dubbing their own language terms ‘Parmalisms,’ the band is teaching fans the slang they grew up with and use on a regular basis while out on the road or in the studio. The Carolina boys were raised on a whole new spoken word and they have some explaining to do about the way they chat with one another.

For this week’s episode of “The Country Dictionary,” the band defines what the phrase “Mildew or BBQ” means. While most people would have no idea how those two words would even come together in a question, each band member finds that the term makes perfect sense on how to describe what to do in a day.

“Mildew meaning lay around, not do anything, just chill. Barbecue meaning party, let’s do it up,” they explain in the video.

Highlighting the fact that the phrase was indeed passed down from one generation to the next thanks to their fathers, the guys each hold true to tradition by using the slang day in and day out.

Be sure to tune in next week’s to see what new ‘Parmalisms,’ the band will be teaching their fans!

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