10 Country Songs That Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations for Love

I’ve accepted my quarter-life crisis revelation that I will hold the title of being ‘forever alone.’ That sounds rather dramatic, but hear me out: love has become one of those unattainable and overly attached emotions for me that many forms of media have exaggerated to the nth degree and made the possibilities of believing in romance a complete shot in the dark.

I’ll admit I may be somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to serious relationships as a whole, but nonetheless, I’m a sucker for a solid romantic comedy and wish I was always the leading lady who tied down that perfect partner. Another way I’ve proved that love is somewhat off the table for me? The unbelievably high standards that many country songs have set for any relationship goals I have in the future.

Looking at power couples such as Tim and Faith, Garth and Trisha or Vince and Amy make it impossible to come anywhere close to them. Let alone, other country artists release the most beautiful sentiments through breathtaking lyrics and everlasting melodies that melt the heart.

Here are 10 songs in country music that made me believe that love was this wonderful and awe-inspiring thing that will always be unattainable and gave me unrealistic expectations about the prospect:

  1. “Hey Pretty Girl”—Kip Moore

 I’m going to be dead honest here: if a boy wrote and/or sang this song to me in any occasion whatsoever, I’d be begging them to marry me. The idealistic view of an everlasting relationship built upon a solid foundation of love with the possibility of your dream house and a couple of kids? GOALS. Moore nailed true romance by cutting this sweet track.

  1. “From This Moment On”—Shania Twain

 The first note of this song alone is enough to make someone dream of their perfect wedding. Imagine meeting the person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with and that is, essentially, this song in a nutshell. It’s that gorgeous theme song that plays in your head as the moment rolls out in slow motion, like you see in the movies. Good on ya, Shania.

  1. “Die a Happy Man”—Thomas Rhett

 ‘Die a Happy Man?’ More like I would die a happy woman for this sort of lyric sentiment. When a person tells you that they would rather have you over their lifelong dreams of a fancy mansion or the coolest sports car alive, that wins major brownie points. We all need a partner who realizes that love wins over anything materialistic or superficial, for sure.

  1. “Check Yes or No”—George Strait

 It could be said that George Strait is known more for his ‘Exes in Texas’ rather than the romance department, but this adorable tale about meeting his soulmate back in grade school? Hello! Why don’t I have a childhood sweetheart and where can I get one? The fact that he sings about meeting his true love that long ago makes me think I definitely missed my chance by a good amount of years.

  1. “Wanted”—Hunter Hayes

 I’m not crying, you’re crying. Ok, maybe the hypothetical box of tissues I’m saving is the true giveaway that this Hunter Hayes hit gives me all the feels. I never knew a man could say such nice things and actually mean them when it comes to true relationships! Hayes nailed the message right on its head because it’s true that everyone wants to be wanted.

  1. “Making Memories of Us”—Keith Urban

 Oh, Keith. The king of creating the ultimate country love song. It’s no question that the romantic man himself has one of the greatest inspirations within his wife, Nicole Kidman, to get him to sing so smoothly about a dreamy future with the one you love.  But hearing him sing the words, ‘I wanna honor your mother / I wanna learn from your pa,’ is enough to make me curl up in a ball on the floor and just, well, cry.

  1. “I Need You”—Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

 Tim and Faith can do no wrong. I repeat, Tim and Faith can do NO wrong. Their harmonies alone match so well with one another, it’s like a proven fact that this power couple is made for each other. But the vows they coo back and forth during this ballad sound so wonderful that it surely can’t be real. What makes it even greater is the fact that they have to be true words and that makes the love last a lifetime.

  1. “Then”—Brad Paisley

 With this song, Brad Paisley makes me want to believe that someone out there is in love with me and is just waiting to admit the three little words, but wants to create a killer hit single about it before making the move. Alright, that’s probably not realistic, to be fair. But he’s still got me swooning with this track, which happens to be an incredible tune to play on someone’s wedding day. Hands down.

  1. “I Don’t Dance”—Lee Brice

 One of the most trying parts about any relationship is the sacrifice that each person has to make. Lee Brice may be doing a small, yet still meaningful gesture by changing up his whole philosophy about his ‘two left feet’ and using them to guide his girl gracefully and for however long she pleases. Listening to this hit on the radio can make me only think that maybe compromise is possible in the name of love.

  1. Bless the Broken Road—Rascal Flatts

 Love doesn’t come easy. While I may not be the most experienced, I’ve seen that statement be true in both reality and the occasional romantic comedy, if you don’t mind me saying. While everything in a relationship isn’t just like you see in the movies, it does take patience and communication and trust and a bunch of other difficult lessons before finding the one. Rascal Flatts makes all listeners (including me) believe that the journey to love may be long, but oh so rewarding in the end.