5 Ways Carrie Underwood Inspires New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals

Let’s face it: starting out on those health-related New Year’s resolutions is one of the hardest things to motivate yourself to do after spending the holidays chowing down on everything sugar and spice. Although making 2017 a clean slate for losing weight or getting in shape sounds like the best platform to begin the year on, the motivation starts to dwindle around that third week when we all think we ain’t got time for this nonsense.

But while it’s true that many people all across the world have hectic schedules, it’s hard to compare any to the likes of Carrie Underwood and her career. She’s constantly on the road performing night after night, or recording brand new music for her fans to jam out in the car (or at the gym) to. Nonetheless, she’s remained one of the fittest country stars in the industry due to her dedication to get swole 24/7.

From her clean eating diets to her high-intensity workouts, Underwood makes fitness a priority, which makes her an inspiration for health within itself. Just look at her and her physique…can you say #fitnessgoals?

Underwood documents her healthy body image on her social media from time to time, and she’s added the role of being a fitspiration to her list of wonderful titles. Here are just five posts of proof that even when the gym sounds like a nightmare or cutting down on sugar could make you cry, Underwood still has fans’ goals at the forefront of her support to get through those New Year’s resolution struggles:

1. Making motherhood the perfect balance between love and fitness.

Excuse No. 1, especially for working mothers, is that there isn’t enough time in the day to give your life a timeout long enough to squeeze in a powerful workout. Take Underwood’s example of a running stroller outing with your little one by throwing in some intervals to lull the child to sleep or making playground pit stops to put in that rise and grind.

2. Not having a gym membership doesn’t mean you can sit at home all day.

No gym? No problem! Sure, it can be better from some fitness junkies to have the facilities with free weights and cardio machines to get things done. But bodyweight workouts are just as effective if done correctly. Copy Underwood in her DIY routine by grabbing random kitchen essentials, like towels for movement or even milk jugs as weights, and get out of your Netflix binge with a walk around the house.

3. Babies and young children double as free weights.

Sometimes we just have to make it work! #StayThePath @caliabycarrie #workout #fitness #trainingwithbaby #fitmom

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Ok, we know what you’re thinking: why reduce children into workout tools? But to be completely honest, sometimes the toddler lifestyle is hands down the easiest ways to lose weight. As Underwood shows in her quick clip, comforting your baby by holding them close can be a great way to multitask with rocking them to sleep while working in those squats. Who knew babysitting could be the ultimate workout activity?

4. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming, boring or a chore.

Like Underwood knows as a dedicated clean eater, keeping the plate colorful and exciting can be a daunting task. Especially when it comes to traveling or working late, it’s hard to come up with a simple meal that won’t bloat you out with a food baby. Try a loaded plate, like Underwood’s, chock full of veggies and proteins. Both are essential to staying lean and mean throughout long days and hard workouts. Besides, exercising is only half, if not less, of the get fit battle.

5. Sweating IS sexy.

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘I don’t sweat…I sparkle?’ Underwood is the definition of that cliché, and you can be too if you give it your all through every single cardio and weight-based workout. Exercising is an attractive quality, whether or not you think you look good in the gym. At the end of the day, at least you made it with the motivation you’ve built up to make yourself a stronger person and that, in itself, is sexy enough.