Seven Spots to Eat Healthy in Nashville

While Nashville does lie among the Southern cities where fried foods are a staple and vegetables can be categorized as hush-puppies or mac and cheese, it’s progressively becoming a town filled with healthy options for those who want to keep it trim all year round.

Going along with the innovative trends of late, Nashville has transformed into a mecca of any kind of food one’s tingling tastebuds may desire and that now includes palettes interested in the fresher types of meals. From smoothie bowls to vegan-specific menus, Music City doesn’t hold back when it comes to its health foods and Sounds Like Nashville knows just the places to explore when it comes to eating clean.

Check out the guide to seven of Nashville’s healthiest spots around town to grab a bite to eat and feel replenished after a nutritious yet delicious meal:

AVO What may look like a large shipping container near the borough of Sylvan Park actually holds the key to all foods local and fresh. Known for their ever-changing seasonal menu, Avo boasts itself on finding their ingredients from nearby vendors and serving up dishes that leave customers only wanting more. Also, don’t forget: they do have cocktails and their avocado margarita is what put them on the map from the start. Chow down and drink up!

3 City Ave #200 /

The Wild Cow Sometimes when people hear the word, ‘vegetarian,’ it turns them off from even considering trying out the menu. Not for long when it comes to The Wild Cow in East Nashville as their expertise on how to make vegetarian fare both healthy and ridiculously delectable is top notch. Giving a nutritious twist to dishes like tacos, sandwiches and burgers makes us dream of all the tempeh and veggies one could ever want.

1896 Eastland Ave / 

Franklin Juice Co. Acai bowls…they’re absolutely everywhere. Not only do they make a beautiful Instagram snapshot even cooler than before, their colors add up to the wholesome effects they give to the body when snacked upon. Franklin Juice Co. jumped on board with this fruity phenomenon by adding a selection of bowls to their juicy menu. Trust us—these tropical treats are ‘amaze-bowls.’

2301 12th Ave S /

A Matter of Taste

One of the most difficult tasks of eating healthy is being able to find restaurants that cater to many categories of eaters. While some people like to stock their plate with a colorful assortment, others stick to the classics they know and love, even if it may not be the healthiest option at the time. Enter A Matter of Taste, the Music City spot that offers the best of both worlds. Bring your friends along as they can scarf down on their biscuits and gravy as you make your choice off their exclusively gluten-free menu. Win-win!

110 Fatherland St /

Sunflower Café

Wraps and bowls and burgers, oh my! Sunflower Café really has outdone themselves on nailing what it means to be a genuine vegetarian restaurant. As they utilize the freshest ingredients to give customers the variety they want, visitors to the café will have no problem indulging on the exotic spices and flavors lovingly cooked into every dish served. Besides, if stars like Kacey Musgraves and Keith Urban stop by as regulars, you know the food is going to be fantastic.

2834 Azalea Pl /

Turnip Truck

Nashvillians have grown to adore the Turnip Truck in the Gulch area as an easy spot to grab a quick and nourishing snack throughout the day. Although the spot is more known for its marketplace, they offer a hot bar filled with a number of scrumptious items and a juicery that can make freshly-blended smoothies on the spot. All organic, all natural, all the time.

321 12th Ave S /


Although Graze may be new to the area, the plant-based bistro is nonetheless hitting the scene with amazing response for their wide variety of vegetarian meals. Owned by the same couple who founded The Wild Cow, Graze offers a fine dining experience with dishes like Goose’s couscous or roasted veggie alfredo. Plus, for those of you brunch lovers out there, their morning delights make mouths water all across town.

1888 Eastland Ave /