Album Review: LANCO’s ‘Hallelujah Nights’

Fans who fell in love with LANCO after being captivated by “Greatest Love Story” are bound to feel the same way when listening to Hallelujah Nights. Their debut album follows the tone set by the No. 1 song, backing lyrics of love with serene melodies that make for an inviting project.

Hallelujah Nights finds LANCO contributing their own sound to the world of country music, as each of the 11 tracks fit naturally into the pop-country format without relying heavily trends set by their peers. The project collectively features easy-going melodies and appealing songs about love and celebrating life.

One is bound to feel that same sense of love on “Born To Love You” like they did with “Greatest Love Story,” while becoming enamored with a genuine appreciation for life on the spirited “We Do.” “This is our life, love it or hate it, people may not appreciate it, but we do, and this is our town, love it or leave it, we got it made, if you don’t see it, we do,” the band proudly proclaims, calling out to those value where they come from. The vintage-sounding “Trouble Maker” brings a dose of twang to a song paying homage to a woman that’s both a “hip shaker” and a “heart breaker.” “Win You Over” puts itself in the running as one of the album’s crowd participation songs when performed live, with visions of the audience singing in unison with the band “I could be the one you call baby, you could be the woman I love like crazy, every night till the end of forever, the kind of love that only gets better.”

But it’s the final two tracks that really prove why LANCO is destined for success in the genre. “Middle of The Night” and the title track show off the band’s diverse sound in a compelling way, with the former making you feel as though you’ve been transplanted into a western album with its lively harmonica and feel-good vibe. “Middle of the Night” is easily the coolest song from a melodic perspective, having a unique way of instantly grabbing you the moment the guys start changing “middle of nowhere, middle of the night, middle of nowhere in the middle of the night” before the track really comes to life with its vintage flair, adding an instant sense of energy to the project. The “best days of our lives” come alive on the closing “Hallelujah Nights,” embodying a “young and wild” spirit that makes you revel in life’s thrilling moments.

A consistent element that ties the project together is the smooth production that runs through the melody of each song, to lead singer Brandon Lancaster’s vocals and right down to the polished lyrics. But what makes the album special is that it welcomes you in with its pure melodies, and before you realize it, Hallelujah Nights has grabbed your full attention, proving that the band who drew fans in with their touching words has serious staying power.