Brett Eldredge Charms Sadie Robertson in ‘The Long Way’ Video

Brett Eldredge proves how easy it is to fall for him with his enchanting serenade to Sadie Robertson throughout the video for his single, “The Long Way.”

The love at first sight meeting with Robertson at a small town bar strikes up a collage of memories Eldredge hopes to make with his lucky lady, from taking the back roads in a classic convertible to slow dancing in the shallow waters of a nearby creek. Taking every kind gesture and turning it into a memorable date for both involved, “The Long Way” seems more like a short road to romance.

The new single from Eldredge shows off his desire to find the one like that of previous love songs like “Wanna Be That Song” and “Don’t Ya.” Looking for a lasting impression beyond just that first time meet cute, Eldredge admitted that “The Long Way” represents what he’s looking for in a relationship and hopes to find it soon.

“‘The Long Way’ is a look into what I want to find in love. It’s about getting to know somebody more than just on the surface, getting to know somebody deep down to their core. It’s more than just taking the long way around their town, it’s through their imagination. It’s them telling you everything about where they came from. You want to know every single detail – where they wrecked their bike the first time, where their parents fell in love, the lot where the car they drove in high school is sitting. I think this song says don’t be afraid to have that conversation, don’t be afraid to get to know that person,” Eldredge explained about the song.

Eldredge previously released the lead single, “Somethin’ I’m Good At,” off his self-titled album to let fans in on his true personality and wanted to follow it up with another side to his identity with “The Long Road.”