Brett Young Debuts Moody ‘Like I Loved You’ Video

The break-up line “we should still be friends” inspired Brett Young’s latest single, “Like I Loved You,” and carries over to the accompanying music video for the track. Beginning in a California mansion on a gloomy day, the video follows Young as he mourns the loss of his relationship after realizing that it was always one-sided. The singer decided to stick to the song’s story when it came to shooting the video, having had a more abstract concept for his prior single, “In Case You Didn’t Know.”

“With the last video, we didn’t tell a story in the video. We let the story be the song and you see me walking through a beautiful theater. I wanted this one to more follow the story line,” Young told Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently. “You see me going through a breakup and dealing with it and it’s just focused in two spaces. It’s in that one home up in the hills with views of the city and very dark and gray. And then in a very small, little dark, it’s not smoky but it almost feels like one of those bars that would be a dark, smoky, old, but kind of crooner bar called the Roger Room in Los Angeles. It just follows the story line to a T because I think the concept of having somebody break your heart and then having the audacity to say, ‘I really hope we can still be friends.’ I think that’s something that everybody’s familiar with.”

Young shot the three-and-a-half minute video on an overcast day in Los Angeles after the first weekend of Lady Antebellum’s You Look Good World Tour. The project was a special one for the California native, who not only got to spend extra time in his home state, but also work with a longtime friend.

“I go the opportunity to work with the director that did my first music video 12 years ago,” he shared of the video’s director, Phillip Lopez. “I always wanted to throw his name back in the hat and we did this time and his treatment was absolutely our favorite. He’s so good with visuals.”

Watch the video above. Fans can catch Brett Young out on the road as he continues to open for Lady Antebellum’s massive tour, where he’ll likely perform his latest track, as well as his first two No.1 songs, “Sleep Without You” and “In Case You Didn’t Know.”