Cole Swindell Will Give Fans ‘All of It’ on Forthcoming New Album

Cole Swindell will show appreciation for his fans by releasing his third studio album, 'All of It,' later this August.

Cole Swindell Will Give Fans ‘All of It’ on Forthcoming New Album
Cole Swindell; Photo credit: Robby Klein

Cole Swindell wanted to show the fans how much he cares for their support by putting a collection of songs together to make up his third album, All of It.

With songs like “Break Up in the End” and “The Ones Who Got Me Here” among many others, fans of Swindell will get to see a brand new side to the country star that’ll open him up emotionally. Although he enjoys the party element to his music from time to time, he wanted to focus more on the deepest feelings in his creative soul to compile something personal and meaningful within his range.

“I have been so excited about releasing the music for my third album and my fans have been so patient with me while I took the time needed to make it right that I had to give them something,” said Swindell in a press release. “They are the ones who got me here to this important third album, and I felt they deserve to be the first ones to get a taste of the new music so we have been quietly releasing a few of the songs every few weeks for them. It has been great to hear what they think of the songs because they are the reason I am still here getting to do this.”

As a part of the All of It initiative, the Georgia native also wanted to connect to his supporters closely by introducing special packages for them when they pre-order. One bundle in particular will allow the lucky purchasers to meet Swindell in the midst of CMA Music Festival, while receiving the album and other bonus items as well.

Swindell’s third studio album, All of It, will arrive on August 17.