Cole Swindell Has Big Expectations for His Third Studio Album

Cole Swindell blew up over the country scene with 'You Should Be Here,' so he's ready to top his sophomore effort with a third album.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Cole Swindell Has Big Expectations for His Third Studio Album
Cole Swindell; Photo by Joseph Llanes

Making a massive splash into his country music career, Cole Swindell gained attention from both fans and critics on his sophomore effort, You Should Be Here. With all of the accolades rolling in, the country singer just looks upon his next endeavor to top it all.

Of course, Swindell understands the dedication it takes to create an album worthy of awards and honors like that of You Should Be Here, so he’s been working day in and day out on his songwriting abilities to develop a voice of his own.

“Right now, I’m just excited to be making it and still writing songs, too. I’m excited to see what songs we’re going to have. Album three is a big one. I want it to be better than ‘You Should Be Here.’ We’re not done with it yet, but it’s looking good,” Swindell recently shared with Sounds Like Nashville and other media.

Fans have seen a number of sides to Swindell’s recording personality, from the sentimental feels of “You Should Be Here” to the party vibes of “Chillin’ It.” Swindell hopes for a third album that embodies all parts of his persona.

“I’m going to have some fun songs, but there’s some already that we’ve recorded that rip my heart out, whether I wrote them or not,” Swindell explained. “That’s the cool thing now is getting these songs sent to me that I didn’t write that I wish I would’ve written. Best song wins, and I hope it’s an album that everybody loves.”

Another big part of the creation Swindell plans to check off the list? A potential collaboration, but this time, the singer is looking toward a female voice to back up his twang.

“I would love to find a female artist to do a duet with. It’s tough to find the right song, the right artist to do that with. That is high on my priority list right now. You’ve gotta look who’s already done duets recently on new albums. It’s a tough process, but the song always ends up in the right hands. I think we’ll find the right one. That’s high on my priority list is having a duet on this next album,” Swindell revealed about the possibility.

There is currently no release date for Swindell’s third full-length album. In the meantime, the Georgia native is promoting his latest single, “Stay Downtown,” from his You Should Be Here record.