Dan + Shay’s New Song, ‘All to Myself,’ Is Seriously Flirty

Sometimes, love can be about the bold gestures to grab the attention of someone else. So Dan + Shay copied just that cliché in order to woo their women in the seductive new track, “All to Myself.”

The duo doesn’t hold back desire as they sing about trying to get alone with that special someone in hopes for the fire to heat up even more so in the relationship. Figures of speech alluding to taking that next step in a romance ignites passion in a way that they’ve never touched before, but the two don’t lose sight of their harmonizing vocals along the way.

Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay; Photo Credit: Rob Norris

Shay Mooney really takes the track to the next level, though, as he reaches the highest falsetto notes one’s ever heard toward the end of the song in the final chorus. Still keeping that same lust alive, he knows just where to drive it home when he sings, “I want you here in my arms / we’ll hide away in the dark / slip your hand in my back pocket / oh, and let your long hair fall / I want you all, all, all to myself.”

This marks the second song in their next music endeavor, in which Dan + Shay already sent out “Tequila” first to show off the direction they’re headed in for this upcoming journey.

“All to Myself” is available online at this time.