Danielle Bradbery Emulates Radiance in ‘Worth It’ Video

Danielle Bradbery never expected something so important could come out of the release of her song, “Worth It.” Since the first listen that fans heard not too long ago, the track has grown into one of the greatest highlights of Bradbery’s catalogue and she celebrated that encouragement in the beautifully-filmed video for “Worth It.”

Instead of relying on a clip of actors recreating certain emotions or displaying live concert footage of the song, Bradbery decided to honor the meaning that “Worth It” has taken on by first recognizing the impact of its message in a serious pre-video speech dedicated to the fans.

“There are some songs you write because you want others to hear them and then, there are some you write because you need to hear them. I wrote this song because I needed reminding of my own self-worth and in doing so, it’s become something so much bigger than me. Music is about connection, and it’s been so beautiful connecting with my fans through this song. Hearing how they have used its message to give them the strength to overcome their own challenges and insecurities is just amazing,” Bradbery began the inspirational video.

As she takes the stage to brave the fear of an empty theater, Bradbery belts the empowering lyrics out while shining in a gorgeous ivory gown. Her performance leaves viewers breathless over her effortless approach, and yet it still means more to the singer thanks to the support from the fans.

“This song was one of my favorite tracks on the album from the start, but it’s really taken on a life of its own since we released it,” said Bradbery about the impact of  the song. “It’s been so great to hear my fans’ stories about how they identify with the message and I’m so proud of this visual element we created to continue telling the story.”

“Worth It” is featured on Bradbery’s sophomore record, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, which is out everywhere now.