Darius Rucker Convinces Charles Kelley, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan to Become ‘The Troublemakers’

When Darius Rucker tests the boundaries in country music, he makes sure his buddies in the industry are right next to him…literally.

In a recent Instagram photo shared to Rucker’s account, he somehow bribed his friends, Charles Kelley, Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, to all dress up like Southern men from decades ago. While they look a little bit out of character than their regular get-ups, the four formed together for a group that Rucker dubbed ‘The Troublemakers.’

The costume change may seem a tad out of the ordinary for each of the guys, but the get-up could be alluding to a music video for their collaboration track, “Straight to Hell.” Rucker finally cut the song for his latest record, claiming it was Kelley that begged him time and time again to include it on some sort of creative endeavor.

“I get a phone call from Charles Kelley out of the blue. But I’d been meaning to cut ‘Straight to Hell’ for every record I’ve put out. Every record I go I’m going to cut ‘Straight to Hell,’ but I just never do. And Charles Kelley calls me out of the blue and goes, ‘Hey man, I was just listening to that Straight to Hell song, you should cut it and I should sing along to it.’ I took that as the universe saying ‘Dude cut the song,’” Rucker said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media previously at an event.

Nevertheless, there is no confirmation at this time about any reasoning behind the guys’ decision to throw their wardrobes back to the old-time days.

“Straight to Hell” is featured on Rucker’s recent album, which is out now.