Dierks Bentley and Tour Mates Brothers Osborne Fire It Up on ‘Burning Man’

The heat between tour mates Dierks Bentley and Brothers Osborne reaches an all-time high as the two bright country artists paired up to take on a song called “Burning Man” for Bentley’s forthcoming record.

With a beat that could bring flame to the dance floor and a message more meaningful than the average quick tune, Bentley knew he wanted to recruit someone close to him to work on the song as a unit. Thankfully, his buddies from Brothers Osborne gladly took up the chance to work with their pal all due to their tight bond from their parody band days.

“You know, I’m on tour with Brothers Osborne this year. I’m a huge fan of those guys. They’re friends. We play in a side band together, a ‘90s country cover band called the Hot Country Knights with a K for anyone who wants to look us up. So, we’re just pals, and it’s like this song feels like something that they would sing, you know? It feels like if they’d got this one before I did, they probably would’ve cut it,” Bentley joked about the track.

The opportunity seemed like the right fit at the right time on both artists’ end, as they will spend all of the summer with one another on the Mountain High Tour. Making the negotiations and final decision to record the collaboration didn’t take much time at all, but rather than a quick phone call and an instant agreement to hit the studio as soon as possible.

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“I’ve never had someone on tour with me – anyone who’s on tour with me is someone I just love,” he revealed. “I’ve never had anyone out there that I’m not a huge fan of or I don’t totally believe in, and I’ve never had that plus also had a song we could do together out on the road that’s on an album. It was so easy. I just called ‘em up and sent the song and got a huge ‘Yes’ back from both of them right away. They came into the studio like two days later. It was just a great hang. [I] got great footage of all that stuff.”

“Burning Man” is one of the tracks on Bentley’s upcoming album, The Mountain, which arrives on June 8.