Dustin Lynch Uses His Daily Instagram Videos As a Vent Session With Fans

For anyone who follows Dustin Lynch’s Instagram, the singer has been giving an inside look at his life in deeply personal daily videos. Covering anything from the making of a new song to his lack of nominations at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Lynch is breaking down the barrier between artist and fan and showcasing the crazy roller coaster he’s on.

Since launching his video series, fans and fellow artists alike have reached out to the Tennessee native, praising him for his efforts in being transparent and saying the things they’ve always wished to say. The feedback has shocked Lynch himself, and has led him to continue on with the project.

“The response to what I’ve been doing online has kind of shocked me,” Lynch explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media during the 2018 CMA Music Festival. “I didn’t realize how much people fiend for that, in a way, and long for that. I’ve never had this kind of interaction with my fan base, and the word’s gotten out. We’re starting to see that base grow, which is a great thing. It’s not why we did it. I simply … We’re always looking for ways to innovate socially, and we’ve done a great job, I think, with that over the last few years. We were doing a great at kind of leading the way on doing a highlight reel. We’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s awesome, and it looks cool. Let’s just stop and do a complete 180 and just go straight up. Real life stuff.”

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For Lynch, too, it’s been an opportunity to vent about the things he’s worried about or just ask for advice from the people that care about seeing him succeed.

“Selfishly it’s been doing great for me therapeutically because I can just vent,” he shared. “I’m single. I don’t have anybody to go home to and vent about this or ask questions about so it’s a great way for me to just kind of get it all out there on camera, and then I get instant feedback on Instagram or whatever. I watch the video and read the comments and interact with everybody.”

Fans will continue to get an inside look at Lynch’s day-to-day life as he continues on with his video series, which will likely cover the many tour dates he’s got scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. His current single, “Good Girl,” is out at country radio now.

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