EP Review: Clayton Anderson’s ‘Only to Borrow’

Clayton Anderson explores the joys of life in his new EP, Only to Borrow. The six-song project paints the soundtrack for an ideal honkytonk setlist, filled with upbeat jams to dance to, along with slower tunes that make the listener want to grab that someone special in close and sway the song away.

On Only to Borrow Anderson mixes themes of life, love and moderate production to create a sound that will resonate well with any modern country music lover. Diversity isn’t strong in the tracklist and there are no ground breaking lyrics or sound, but the project is one that serves as easy listening.

The lead title track opens up the EP with a seize the day anthem. It’s a fun song that alludes to Billy Currington’s “We are Tonight” or David Nail’s “Night’s on Fire.” The pop-infused production gives it potential to be a big radio hit, especially in the summer.

Anderson also knows how to keep it sexy, exemplified on the following song “In the Dark.” With that title we’ll let you guess what it’s about. The faster tempo and enhancing background vocals make you want to tap your foot and keep the beat through the whole song.

“What Ya Get” opens the book on who Anderson is not only as an artist, but also as a man. What you see is what you get, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This song could be relatable to many country males with an air of bad boy in them.

Anderson slows it down to conclude the EP. The adoring love songs feature both simple production and lyrics that precisely gets the affectionate point across. Guys, take notes from these tunes, this is how a girl wants to be talked to.

There is room for new depths and different sounds to be explored as a whole, but overall, Only to Borrow is a fun project that will never really go out of style.