Gary Allan Asks for Heartache in New Single, ‘Mess Me Up’

Gary Allan pleads for the destructive side effects of love to distract from a grueling breakup in his new radio single, “Mess Me Up.”

From finding comfort in the bottom of many bottles to ruining walls with forceful actions, Allan narrates the fast-moving tune as the desperate lover in need of the crazy, uncontrollable chaos that comes with the relationship he’s in. Although he faces the heartache that comes with every action taken by either individual, he craves the tumultuous consequences that result from his passionate desire toward the one he loves.

Written by heavy songwriting hitters Ashley Gorley, Ross Copperman and Shane McAnally, the song oozes the necessary drama that unfolds through a messy relationship and yet still finds heart through the idea that Allan would rather be hurt than not have anyone around at all. Holding on to even the negativity that arises throughout fights and issues, Allan grasps any piece of the devastation he can get his hands, or his heart, on.

Reveling in the broken pieces of what Allan strives to cling to in the relationship, he begs throughout lyrics like, “Twist that knife / come on, make it hurt / make me go out in the field / light a fire and just watch it burn / stand me up / on a Friday night / tell me you love me / then tell me that you’ve changed your mind,” to just wreck him completely despite still falling harder in love.

“Mess Me Up” is Allan’s latest release to radio and he’ll promote the song to his fans during his live shows on tour throughout the summer.