Go Behind the Scenes of Danielle Bradbery’s Powerful ‘Worth It’ Video

Danielle Bradbery’s latest song, “Worth It,” is a powerful anthem about self confidence, so the singer knew the ballad’s video had to be just as strong. Finding inspiration in the film The Greatest Showman, Bradbery partnered with director Shaun Silva to create a clip that would do the song–and its message–justice.

Filmed in the CMA Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame, the video shows Bradbery sitting in the audience, lost in the song’s lyrics and imagining the best version of herself onstage. Cut to the singer onstage in a gorgeous gown, with old Hollywood hair and makeup, belting the song to the rafters.

The image is a striking one, and perfect to showcase the song’s power. In this exclusive clip, Bradbery explains that the lyrics promote knowing your own self worth, being confident and standing up for yourself, adding that her audience has reacted to that message. “So many people have connected to this song in so many different ways.”

“Worth It” is featured on The Voice season four winner’s sophomore album, I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.