Keith Urban Invites Lauren Alaina on Stage for ‘We Were Us’ Duet

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When Keith Urban decided to perform his hit single, “We Were Us,” sans Miranda Lambert, he had another singer with a wonderful voice in line.

Lauren Alaina opened up for Urban when he played the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, California, and he didn’t let her just stop as the beginning of the show when he graciously invited her to come on up for “We Were Us.” Alaina did Lambert’s part justice and more with her astonishing vocals harmonizing beautifully with Urban’s throughout the track.

Amazed by her talent, Urban posted the performance on his Instagram feed and offered Alaina the opportunity to join along singing with him any time she pleases from here on out. There’s no doubt that the “Road Less Traveled” singer would happily accept whenever she has the chance.

“Hey @LaurenAlaina – I got an open mic for u anytime – KU,” he wrote alongside the live performance clip.

After the show, Urban gave a massive shout-out to the Central Coast crowd in another quick social media clip and thanked the audience for their energy throughout the warm July night show.

“Excellent, excellent night tonight. You guys were in great form. Thank you for singing loud and proud…you did Cali justice. It was magical tonight. We were up here a couple years ago and it was equally great, so thank you for delivering tonight and traveling far and wide to be here,” he said gratefully.

Trading licks AND rides with @frankieballard – dude’s a bad ass!!! – KU

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While Alaina was a surprise for the Paso Robles crowd, Urban recently had Frankie Ballard join him on stage during one of his shows to shred together on the guitar. Keeping the camaraderie alive within country music, Urban just enjoys spreading the love to each artist he takes along for tour.

Urban’s current single, “The Fighter,” just went No. 1 on the country charts and can be heard playing on radio everywhere.