Kelsea Ballerini Announces Sophomore Album, ‘Unapologetically’

Fans anxiously awaiting Kelsea Ballerini’s sophomore album now have a target date to look forward to… November 3. Named Unapologetically, the full-length project will showcase the Tennessee native’s growth as a person and songwriter since the release of her debut album, The First Time, in May of 2015.

“I wrote over 200 songs for this album and when I started listening to everything and started trying to figure out, ‘okay, what is it that you want to say this time?’ Because The First Time was an introduction,” Ballerini explained recently to Sounds Like Nashville and other media. “I wanted that record to be like reaching out and shaking my hand. I wanted it to cover who I was, where I was from, the age I was… like first heartbreak, first crush, parents getting divorced, insecurity. That’s what that first record was.”

“So I really wanted to laser focus of what this record was and when I was listening to everything, I was like the last two years of my life have literally been jam-packed, like a lifetime, in two years,” she continued. “When I put out my last record, I was going through a gnarly break-up and it was this really weird time of highs and lows and then that relationship ended, and I went through this growing up period of my life and self-discovery and fighting off some insecurities and getting some more and just learning a lot about who I am and who I want to be.”

Ballerini shared the exciting news Tuesday morning (July 25) during an appearance on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts. The announcement was followed with a performance of the album’s lead single, “Legends.” Fans got a taste of what to expect on the record when she released “Legends” in June and performed it on the 2017 CMT Music Awards.

Kelsea Ballerini’s Unapologetically is set for release November 3. Click HERE to enter for a chance to win an acoustic guitar autographed by Ballerini.