Kenny Chesney Picks His Ultimate Summer Playlist for No Shoes Nation

Summertime is nearly here, but what truly is summer without a killer playlist to get the tunes cranking while chilling out by the pool with a cold drink in hand?

Kenny Chesney has got fans covered on the music end, providing some of his hottest tunes (along with a couple selected favorites) for the ultimate No Shoes Nation summer jam list. Known as the king of summertime for his memorable stadium tours, Chesney is no stranger to making the good times roll when the warm weather starts to set in.

Featuring some of his greatest hits including “American Kids,” “’Til It’s Gone,” and “Noise,” Chesney also showed some musical love for artists like John Mayer, The Beach Boys, Ziggy Marley and many more. With each song listed bringing its own vibes to the list, Chesney could possibly trade in his signature cowboy hat in for some DJ headphones to get the party started.

While Chesney only set plans for a handful of stadium performances throughout the summer of 2017, he’ll amp it up for every show on the books to prove that he’s not going anywhere despite not following on with his annual concert extravaganza.

“We’re gonna bring a whole year’s worth of energy,” Chesney said. “So if you’re coming, you better be ready for it, because this is our chance in 2017 to rock.”

With a smaller lineup of shows for Chesney in 2017, fans can only begin to imagine the big surprises in store for the next year to come in 2018.

Check out Chesney’s No Shoes Nation playlist on Spotify and be sure to add the official mix to your profiles just in time for that hot sunshine to roll on in.