Kenny Chesney Dedicates ‘Song for the Saints’ to Hurricane Victims in the Islands

Kenny Chesney wanted to do something more after the islands he calls home were destroyed in storms by dedicating his 'Song for the Saints.'

Kenny Chesney Dedicates ‘Song for the Saints’ to Hurricane Victims in the Islands
Kenny Chesney; Photo via Instagram

After the devastation of the multiple hurricanes hitting Kenny Chesney’s home away from home in 2017, he decided to pay tribute to the victims and survivors of the natural disasters in a song by the name of “Song for the Saints.”

It was a difficult process for Chesney to realize that his sanctuary was destroyed by the heavy storms that ravaged the countries, and he tried to give back to the community he adapted to in any way that he could. Sparking a song idea in honor of the proud spirit of the islands he loves dearly, he let “Song for the Saints” flow out of him and into the ears of his fans to show some encouragement during hard times.

“Knowing where to start with this album was hard, and easy, because this is the song that holds everything together. It’s a tribute to those islands and their unstoppable spirit,” he wrote about the song on social media.

The country star wanted to go a step further to put his passion for the islands on display by creating his highly anticipated album about the struggles they faced and their journey going through the up-and-up of recovery. Although it touches many emotional outlets for Chesney on a personal level, he found the project as a part of the healing process and hopes his fans learn from the messages infused into each song.

“So much has happened since I went off the road in 2016,” Chesney shared in a press release. “And all of it, in one way or another, has ended up on this record. It’s special to me because of what it says – to me, and for me – about life, the world around us, how fragile it all can be and about somehow still finding the best parts of you, and moving towards them.”

“Song for the Saints” marks the title track for Chesney’s upcoming album, which arrives on July 27.