Listen to Kenny Chesney’s ‘Bar at the End of the World’

As the temperatures begin to drop, Kenny Chesney is heating things up with his new single, “Bar at the End of the World.”

The upbeat summer anthem is one that will have fans longing for a cold drink on a hot beach, especially during the frigid winter months. For Chesney, though, the song represents something he’s always on the hunt for: a hole in the wall beach bar.

“I’m in constant search of them, and I have found several,” Chesney explains. “I think the thing that makes them unique, that makes every one of them unique is the people. The people, the history, the DNA of each bar makes them all different. Bars are unique places because they allow you to live your life, they allow you to connect with people and to let go of people.”

Thanks to the Schooner Warf Bar in Key West for a great afternoon. #barattheendoftheworld

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“Being able to write your name on a dollar bill like the song says and date it, and staple it to the side of the wall or to the side of the bar or on the ceiling where there are flags and license plates and life and saltwater everywhere and salty air and it’s just this layer of life throughout the place,” he continues. “To be able to stamp your life in a small way in a place like that and to leave and come back. It’s always interesting to watch human behavior because you want to know that that dollar bill is still there, and if it is, that makes you feel great and it makes you feel even better about the place and there’s a lot of those places. In my own life there is.”

Chesney frequently visits the Florida Keys, where he’s made life-long friends who seem to live out the song through their day-to-day lives, but as the Tennessee native sees it, everyone, whether their near the coast or not, can relate to the song.

“The idea of going to a bar at the end of the world, whether it’s at the end of the world or whether it’s a bar just outside of town…It’s just the idea is the same, it’s the escape of your life and I think that’s an emotion that everybody holds in their heart and within themselves is this place in their head where they can escape.”

Click below to listen to “Bar at the End of the World,” from Chesney’s latest album, Cosmic Hallelujah, now.