Listen To Luke Bryan’s Next Single, ‘Move’

Hot off the heels of his 16th No.1 single, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” Luke Bryan is heading back to Country radio with the song, “Move.”

The upbeat number is the fifth single from his latest album, Kill The Lights. It was written by Bryan alongside Michael Carter and Jay Clementi and was produced by Jeff Stevens and Jody Stevens.

“Move” tells the story of a girl whose mama “packed y’all up and moved ya to the South.” Once she “got in with some southern belles,” she begins to feel right at home below the Mason Dixon Line. The narrator of the songs becomes quite enamored with the girl.

“Move like you do, all sexy and smooth/ Like you love to, aw girl, look at you/ Legs and your hips, live oak, moonlit/ When that song hits, damn, you turn it loose/ Stars of a southern sky/ Buzz of the fire and ice/ DJ plays that throwback tune/ But I can’t move when you move,” Bryan sings in the chorus.

While the song certainly isn’t going to change the world, there’s no doubt that it will be a huge hit at Bryan’s live shows and likely his next chart-topping single.

Listen to “Move” below.

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