Little Big Town Honor Elton John in a Futuristic Way in ‘Rocket Man’ Video

Three, two, one—blast off! Little Big Town brought the magic of space to Earth through a galactic-inspired video for their cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

A curious little boy leads the clip as he follows the wanderlust in his heart to explore the great unknown by running away from home, backpack in hand. Jumping on his bike in the dead of night, he passes by a number of strangers scattered around the stranded city and they all wonder why a child like that would be out during the late hours of the evening.

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But it’s not just his desire to ease his inquisitive side that the boy feels called to find the light; he ultimately discovers something bigger than himself when he reaches the beam shooting from the sky onto the ground. As he approaches the power from above, a cube featuring vintage clips of John performing and Little Big Town harmonizing the story along appears and comes about as a realization to all around the area to witness.

The members of LBT even go so far as to dress in an interstellar manner, with Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman sporting shiny fashion pieces. At one point, Schlapman copies John’s signature glasses as she tries out a pair of silly shades toward the end of the video. The few individuals stop and stare at the technological anomaly as the camera pans out in disbelief over the strange occurrence.

Little Big Town’s version of “Rocket Man” can be found on the Restoration compilation album, available at this time.