Maren Morris and Niall Horan Create Pop-Country Magic in Acoustic ‘Seeing Blind’ Video

Maren Morris and Niall Horan popped into the studio in Nashville to make their collaboration, "Seeing Blind," come to life acoustically.

Maren Morris and Niall Horan Create Pop-Country Magic in Acoustic ‘Seeing Blind’ Video
Maren Morris and Niall Horan; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

The bond between Maren Morris and Niall Horan sounds undeniable as the two blend their strong vocals together in the acoustic performance video for their collaboration, “Seeing Blind.”

Filmed in Morris’ adopted home of Nashville, the two don’t skip a beat in the recording studio as they balance each other nicely with Morris’ country soul sound and Horan’s pop-folk lick. Their harmonies match up just like that in the original recording, making the magic come alive yet again for a fun, impromptu video.

Over the past year of getting to know one another, the Texas native truly appreciates what the former One Direction member brings to the table with his unique approach to his solo career. The pair has also grown accustomed to his down-to-earth personality, turning their work relationship into the path of becoming best pals.

“He’s the best guy and he had the best time at the CMAs this past year. He’d never been to a country awards show, so I think he was like enamored at how friendly everyone was and how much everyone is actually friends with each other and he was just bowled over by that. Then, I look over and he’s getting Luke Bryan’s number and I just thought that was so adorable, but yeah, he’s a great dude and I think he’s so rootsy,” Morris said to Sounds Like Nashville and other media about their friendship at a previous event.

Not only do the two sing quite well together in the video, but they bring about the same spirit when Horan invites Morris to perform the tune live during his concerts. A fan-favorite moment for all, Morris is opening up the genre of country to Horan’s pop-inspired fans and showing a whole new side to his supporters.

Morris is currently spending the summer out on the road with Horan for his Flicker World Tour, hitting cities across the globe. The two hit the States starting in mid-July and running through the rest of the season. Tickets are still available through Morris’ official website.