Mickey Guyton Shows Fans Another Side of Herself with New Song, ‘Nice Things’

Remember the phrase ‘this is why we can’t have nice things?’ The prospect of being able to keep something precious close to your heart without breaking it has been channeled in a new song, aptly titled “Nice Things,” from Mickey Guyton.

Co-written by Guyton, Liz Rose and Stephanie Chapman, the heartfelt tune came from an idea Chapman had during a writing session at Rose’s home. Chapman pitched the idea through her husband, Nathan, who was working as Guyton’s producer at the time.

“I was like ‘that is such a brilliant thought,’ because it’s true,” Guyton told Sounds Like Nashville over the phone of the idea. “I only had one bad relationship and break-up in my life and it really hit home for me… I guess this guy can be my muse. At first I didn’t like it because I had so much anger towards how he had treated me, but now, I’m able to relate so much to so many different people’s emotions because I have been through that. So now I just accept it because it helps me write really, really great songs, like ‘Nice Things.’ I just went back to that place of how that guy treated me and we just wrote this song.”

The song shows a different side to the singer, who took a more stripped down approach to the song. Though it’s one of the more “country” things she’s released, Guyton explained that the sound is something she grew up listening to, citing Dolly Parton as a huge influence.

“That was the kind of music that I loved the most,” she shared. “You try to adapt to what’s out there on the radio, trying to get played, because you know it’s so hard, so hard to get a song up the charts, and so you try to adapt, but this is always been who I really am. It’s really cool to showcase that side and I hope people notice that. I think people miss those kinds of songs which is why I think Carly Pearce’s song is doing so well on the radio. People need to hear those kinds of songs.”

The vulnerability she shows flows through each line, and while it’s hard to call out a specific favorite, there is one that stands out the most.

“The very last verse, it goes… and I love Maya Angelou, and I think this is why I love this line too… it’s ‘you can’t keep me lock and key, just to satisfy your need. I guess you know why the caged bird sings,’” she shared.

“Nice Things” is just a taste of what fans can expect from Guyton, who’s been hard at work honing in on her sound for nearly five years. She’s recently spent more time in the studio, recording her songs in hopes that fans can relate to her words.

“I hope it gets them excited for more new music to come and I hope it also shows yet another side of who I am as an artist. I hope they feel a nostalgia when they hear the song and hopefully it’ll get more people to want to hear more songs like that so I can write more like that,” she said.

Fans can listen to Mickey Guyton’s new track “Nice Things” below. The track is available for purchase HERE.