‘Tequila’ Unites Two Lovers in New Dan + Shay Video

Senses take anyone back to memories tucked deep within their mind, especially when it comes to a sip of “Tequila,” as Dan + Shay sing.

In the new video for the duo’s single, they trekked to the crisp and chilly Colorado air to find a couple meeting in the snow-covered mountains for the first time. As the girl and her friend approach a man who doesn’t respond to their friendly calls, they discover that the guy is deaf and couldn’t hear them to talk back. Nevertheless, a love story began and blossomed on from there.

Teaching each other the ways of their personalities and traits, the girl learns how to speak in his language while falling in love with him throughout every lesson. Despite the passions burning for one another, he decides to leave her for a life on the road as she pleads for him to stay right there in their relationship.


While the song ends and the viewers assumes that their story fades to black, the treatment flashes four years into the future to show that if love is truly real, it’ll find its way back to where it’s supposed to be. Ready to order a glass of tequila on the rocks with the help of a phone notepad, the guy runs into the bartender who happens to be his former flame and happy to see him just the same.

Although the script for the “Tequila” video broke down those emotional walls to show how love always prevails, Dan + Shay found inspiration from the heartbreak many of their listeners feel and put that into something everyone could relate to.


“[Tequila is] symbolic of partying and having a good time, and us being on stage, and late nights. And positivity. But, we were like, let’s try for a second to spin it and go the other way, and you know, your senses, like smell, and taste, and things like that are triggers for nostalgia,” Dan Smyers said in a previous interview about the track. “He’s saying he can do all these things. And can drink whiskey, red wine, champagne all night, little scotch on the rocks and I’m fine, all these things. Do all these things. And the second verse is ‘I can kiss somebody brand new, not even think about you,’ so they’ve moved on, but it’s just that one trigger that takes him back to that place. ‘When I taste tequila, I’m right back there.’”

“Tequila” is Dan + Shay’s latest radio single, and can be streamed or purchased at this time.