Thomas Rhett Narrates Heartbreaking Love Story in ‘Marry Me’ Video

Sometimes when you love someone, you have to let them go and Thomas Rhett pays homage to that disheartening realization in the new video concept for his single, “Marry Me.”

Although the singer merely plays a separated narrator through the short film treatment, Rhett lets the lyrics set the scene by starting from the very beginning with two kids creating a deep bond to last for the ages. As the little girl character plays make believe in preparation for her future dream wedding, a boy peeks through the window to innocently see her fantasy and keep it in mind.

The two grow older into their high school days, when they begin to establish feelings for one another in a more romantic way than their friendship ever let them before. While the girl cheers him on at the football game, they lead up to that perfect kiss that gets interrupted by silly mocking from fellow students. Foreshadowing the idea that the guy may not end up with the girl, the scenes progress to a lonely moment for the man watching along from the side during her bridal shower.

Fast forward a few months later and the guy stops by the wedding to leave a sentimental gift on the table for the bride, but decides to ditch out during a flashback of memories. Even the woman questions her decision to not marry the one who’s been there all along as she fiddles with her ring while standing in her gorgeous white dress.

The climax ensues, with the woman taking those steps down the aisle and the man miles away at their old café hangout drinking away his woes. Looking up to his surprise though, “Marry Me” ends with somewhat of a happy resolution as his girl stands crying in the window as if to say she chose true love over settling down with the true man of her dreams.

Holding a spot on the record as one of Rhett’s favorites, he can somewhat relate to the message because he actually went through a similar situation in pursuit of marrying his wife, Lauren Akins.

“It’s my big ‘what if’ song. I wrote it from the perspective of if I had never told my wife how I felt about her all those years ago. I probably would have been sitting at her wedding watching her marry someone else. Heartbreaking thought and thankfully I DID tell her how I felt- but it makes for a great song concept that so many people can relate to,” he explained of the track.

“Marry Me” holds a spot on Rhett’s most recent album, Life Changes, which is available everywhere now.