The 13 Best Country Songs For Your Summer Wedding

With summer breeze drifting through to bring the warm sunshine and carefree days in, it’s the perfect time to tie the knot and start that forever love with your soulmate. Summertime seems to be the popular season for getting hitched and that means couples are on the hunt for the dream first dance song.

For country music fans, it’s not hard to seek out a romantic melody to spin around on the floor to for that dreamy first dance or capture those precious memories to look back on in the photo albums. With sweet serenades from Keith Urban to beautiful ballads by Brett Eldredge, country music has got couples covered to create the ultimate wedding playlist.

Check out 13 of the best country songs for a summer wedding:

  1. Just A Kiss – Lady Antebellum

What’s more charming than falling into that one dreamy kiss under sparkling stars in the dead of night? Lady A nails the whirlwind feeling from a picturesque peck in their slow and steady single from many years ago. 

  1. Break On Me – Keith Urban

Dedicating this beautiful melody to the leading lady in his life, Urban wanted Nicole Kidman to understand the depth of his love by lending a shoulder to cry on or a place to lay the stress of life at. Creating the warm sense of home within a person reminds couples that relationships take emotional balance against all odds. 

  1. Waitin’ On A Woman – Brad Paisley

Nothing makes a heart melt more than finding out that a couple has stuck it out through thick and thin for decades on end. Paisley chronicles a tale about a man and his sweetheart while casually chilling on a random bench. Sometimes, spontaneity creates magical moments and even more poignant tracks. 

  1. Yours – Russell Dickerson

Thanks to the help from his gorgeous wife (and filming friend), Dickerson created a masterpiece of a music video with his romantic hit, “Yours.” Inspiring a faithful future with the one you love, the country singer keeps simplicity as the key to falling for that forever love over and over again. 

  1. To The Moon and Back – Luke Bryan

Up at the altar, but at a loss for words when it comes to those vows? Bryan has got every groom covered with his slow tune, “To The Moon and Back,” by proclaiming the traditional promises every pair should hold true to. 

  1. Wanna Be That Song – Brett Eldredge

Sometimes, love is not just a person, but a memory or a special something that one associates their passion with. As Eldredge sings, he—as many devoted lovers—just wants to be the one that his partner always remembers as a happy place. 

  1. More Of You – Chris Stapleton

Grab a tissue because tears of joy will definitely flow while listening to this Stapleton croon session. Combining his wife’s clear vocals with his famous raspy nodes, the inseparable duo represents what true love really does sound like. 

  1. Star Of The Show – Thomas Rhett

On the couple’s big day, both the bride and groom are truly the stars of the show. As Rhett honors his lovely wife, Lauren, with this up-tempo ode, he makes sure she knows that she deserves all the attention she earns just like every married couple should, too. 

  1. Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right – Billy Currington

Currington pulled out all the stops in this sexy single that could get any two lovers swaying along to the sensual sounds of the hit. Winning over a heart deserves a sentimental serenade like this sweet song. 

  1. Look At Me – Carrie Underwood

The first few notes to this Underwood piano ballad alone sound like the quintessential first dance steps. We can see it now — a couple with eyes locked twirling around the open floor and enjoying the flawless moment. 

  1. Love Your Love The Most – Eric Church

Everyone’s got the things that get their hearts pumping faster than before, but Church narrows it down to the passion of a partner that stands as the best kind of love around. 

  1. Crazier – Taylor Swift

 Relationships are never easy, but that’s what makes the journey down the road less traveled worth it. Swift captured that all-consuming, fearless passion within “Crazier” by admiring the uncontrollable moments that form a true desire for another person. 

  1. Give It All We Got Tonight – George Strait

Forget the bitterness of the ‘Exes in Texas,’ because Strait knows how to show off his kinder side with “Give It All We Got Tonight.” Adoring the apple of his eye, he lets the twangy ballad represent a night to remember with the one he would never forget.

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