ABC Cancels Nashville in Surprise Move

Jaws are dropping over the surprise cancellation from ABC over the show Nashville.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the series, in the midst of its fourth season, was cancelled out of the blue Thursday despite having showrunners lined up in play for its fifth season planned for the fall.

While the show has always been on the brink of its ratings, it comes as a shock for viewers since they have been the main source when petitioning to keep the show on the air season by season.

Although the show has been officially cancelled, some of the Nashville crew just recently finished their U.S. tour and will embark across the pond for the European leg of the tour in June.

This news also comes just after Hayden Panettiere’s Twitter announcement about seeking treatment for her post-partum depression again. Panettiere plays Juliette Barnes on the show and is one of the main stars.

Nashville will finish out its fourth season this spring.