Adam Doleac Honors Parents Through Song in ‘Mom and Daddy’s Money’

Even though most people believe a picture says a thousand words, a song makes a more meaningful gesture, especially one like Adam Doleac’s “Mom and Daddy’s Money.”

Released ahead of Mother’s Day, Doleac reflected on the fulfilled upbringing that his parents provided for him. Every dream he ever wanted became a reality and every gift he ever asked for came into his lap without him understanding the struggles of being a parent, so Doleac paid tribute to all the hard work that went into raising him by way of lyrics.

“’Mom and Daddy’s Money´ is one of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written,” said Doleac about the song. “I believe GOOD PARENTS are the BEST thing you can give a kid, and I was very lucky to have that growing up. This song is my way of saying thank you to them. One day, when it’s my turn to raise my own, I hope I can do it as well as they did.”

Remaining close to his parents to this day, Doleac couldn’t imagine where his life could have lead without their constant support and unconditional love. Like he even says in the song, he did everything he could to make them proud and find the day where he didn’t need “Mom and Daddy’s Money” to survive anymore.

“Mom and Daddy’s Money” is available now.

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