Album Review: Carly Pearce’s ‘Every Little Thing’

Carly Pearce’s debut album is a fresh breath of country air that makes a bold statement for the rising singer on the male-dominated landscape of the genre. She mixes her Kentucky-roots with modern country to create an exciting album that is stacked with singles that have the potential to soar on country radio as well as deep cuts that hit close to home.

The highly-anticipated project features 13 tracks, with more than half giving Pearce songwriting credit. Other Music Row elite penned tracks for the album as well, including Luke Laird, Laura Veltz, Natalie Hemby, Ashley Gorley, Hillary Lindsey, and Shane McAnally.

Produced by busbee (Keith Urban, Maren Morris), pop undertones match the country vibe throughout the album. No detail is too small to emphasize, between guitar riffs and banjos, each song is unique and stands on its own. Her vocals on the tracks are the real prize, singing in an impressive range, Pearce proves that she really is the whole package.

The lead single, which is also the title track, has launched the vocalist into the country-sphere. “Every Little Thing,” currently sits in top 10 on country airplay charts and is continuing to rise. Pearce is just one of four females to conquer this feat in 2017. Her vulnerability throughout the track is a bold contrast to all of the upbeat singles that surround it.

The project does feature its fair share of ballads, but dispersed throughout the track list are high-energy hits laced with pop beats. “Color” and “Care Less” are prime examples of this. “Color” is a back-and-forth comparative song that results in letting your wall down in order to see the colorful possibility that a relationship can have. In contrast, “Care Less” is a play on words about a careless boy who doesn’t seem like he could “Care Less,” and it’s about time to kick him to the curb.

“Hide the Wine” is a boozy bluegrass-country-pop hybrid that kicks off the album. The steel guitar stands out in this moody track and blends perfectly with Pearce’s voice. The relatable track goes through the emotions of hearing an ex is back in town and being real with yourself when you decide it’s time to hide the wine. (We get you girl!)

The country-singer pulls at the heart strings on homesick track “I Need a Ride Home.” Pearce takes the literal interpretation of the title, professing she is ready to take a ride to her home and her family. Hearing this song from Pearce is special; she dropped out of high school at 16-years-old to move to Tennessee and start her singing career at Dollywood. The 27-year-old has come a long way since then, making her way to Nashville to chase a dream despite rejection and adversity as a female singer in a male-dominated genre.

Pearce’s Every Little Thing is strong in girl-power and talent and will not disappoint fans who have already emerged in the masses for this young singer.

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