Bailey Bryan Draws Inspiration From ‘Genuine’ Artists Like Hillary Scott and Sam Hunt

It can be hard for any person to pack up their belongings and move thousands of miles away from their friends, family and everything they’ve ever known, but for an 18-year-old like Bailey Bryan, the move was scary, but necessary in order to truly pursue her dream of singing and songwriting.

So, after her junior year of high school, the teen (with her parents and younger brother in tow) packed up and left Sequim, Washington and landed in the heart of Music City. She quickly assembled her team, completed her senior year of high school online, and found herself thrust into adulthood when her family moved back to Washington, knowing she was in good hands.

Since then, the budding country star has been working hard on her craft and has been meeting several of her biggest influences along the way.

“I’m really inspired by Hillary [Scott] from Lady A, especially since I’ve gotten to meet her and talk to her. Any artist that truly believes and executes the act of really being yourself in your music and in the way that you live and remaining genuine throughout incredible success is really inspiring to me and that’s definitely something that I’ve seen Hillary do, especially with the release of her Christian album that she just did,” she explained with admiration. “I think it’s really important to do what you feel called to do regardless of if everyone is going to approve of it. Seeing that happen in the last year has really inspired me. I just really like how she did that, just her whole career.”

Bryan also draws inspiration from one of country music’s biggest stars, Sam Hunt, who she appreciates for his ability to go against the grain.

“Sam Hunt’s definitely a big inspiration for me also in country music, most obviously probably because of the pop influence. That’s definitely in my music and I like the way he writes and it just doesn’t sound like anyone else and I really hope that with my music when it comes on the radio, people know that it’s me.”

The comfort of being who she wants to be mixed with her pop influences and country storytelling lyrics led to the creation of her debut single, “Own It,” which draws many comparisons to early Taylor Swift, back in her “Tim McGraw” days.

“I’m never going to shy away from the Taylor Swift comparison, honestly,” said Bailey. “I think that any girl, especially my age, that’s doing music right now, especially country music, there’s almost no way that you’re not inspired by Taylor Swift. Her first album was what I had on repeat when I first started writing songs. I’m inspired by that and incredibly flattered by that comparison.”

While she appreciates the comparisons and inspiration, Bryan will continue to pursue music in her own way with her own voice. She’ll soon release a slew of new original tunes, but in the meantime, the singer/songwriter will be performing her bubbly debut single, “Own It,” as she works to make a name for herself within the country music community.