Blake Shelton Canceled a Tour Date for RaeLynn’s Wedding

Queens don’t let their friends miss their weddings – and kings make sure to be present! Especially when the bride is RaeLynn. 

When the singer tied the knot in February 2016 during a beautiful ceremony in Nashville, TN., she wasn’t sure if her Voice coach Blake Shelton would make it. But Shelton pulled through.

“I didn’t think Blake was going to get to go, but Blake cancelled his show in St. Louis, Missouri to come to my wedding. And the sweetest part is he didn’t tell me,” RaeLynn recalled during a recently interview with Sam Alex of Taste of Country Nights. “I found it out later and they were like, ‘He canceled his show to go your wedding,’ and I was like, ‘He better! I’ll kick his butt.’”

Shelton and his girlfriend, No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, were among the 300 guests invited to witness RaeLynn and Josh Davis exchange vows. Having the support of her friend meant the world to the “Queens Don’t” singer.

“It’s so hard because there’s so many of us artists that travel all the time, but the people that are meant to be there are meant to be there. That’s what I always say in those situations,” she shared. “It’s hard to plan around everybody’s schedules, especially when everybody’s an artist, but the people that are meant to be there are going to be there.”