Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Banter During Palm Reading Session

The future seemed unclear for pals Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon, so they took their friendship to the next level by attending a session with a palm reader during the country singer’s visit to The Tonight Show.

Although Shelton felt forced into the appointment, he came in with sarcasm and sass in his favor as the madame of the session read his hand. Determining that Shelton’s heartline and lifeline looked strong, she commented on how “fleshy” the rest of his palm felt and related that to overdoing something in the alcohol department.

Fallon couldn’t contain his laughter throughout the entire analyzation before taking his own turn in the hot seat, where the madame made comments over his good health and three soulmate lines. Shelton took the opportunity as a golden one to insist that he, along with Fallon’s wife and Justin Timberlake, were the host’s true soulmates in life.

Blake Shelton

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 0837 — Pictured: (l-r) Blake Shelton, Jimmy Fallon during a “Palm Reading” on March 20, 2018 — (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

The moment really heated up when the tarot cards came out and implied that Shelton had been hanging around with a younger man, as the reader claimed. Both guys cracked up over the statement, with Fallon joking that the meeting was actually a portion of Dateline. The Oklahoma native explained to the reader in a lighthearted way that the reveal would be a part of television, and in turn, humiliate him and his reputation.

It all came down to the final test involving handwriting, where the two just roasted one another. While Fallon got under the skin by saying Shelton’s signature was illegible, Shelton returned the burn by noting that Fallon signs off with a heart just like Taylor Swift. Through it all, the madame told them that their friendship had nothing to worry about and the men moved on to the bar to toast to a cold one.

Currently, Shelton is splitting his time between coaching on this season of The Voice and promoting his new single, “I Lived It.”