Brad Paisley Praises Simple Southern Life in ‘Heaven South’

As a West Virginia native, Brad Paisley prides himself upon Southern traditions and he depicts that ideal lifestyle in his new single, “Heaven South.”

Throughout the song, which was written by Paisley along with Brent Anderson and Chris DuBois, the singer makes all things from the South sound like the perfect place to live if someone was looking forward to the simple things in life. The strumming of a banjo over a do-bro call brings back Paisley’s sound to a more traditional swing, with his vocals sounding as smooth as ever.

Lyrics like, “Eggs on the griddle, coffee in my cup / Farmer on a tractor, kids on a bus / Old Glory waving as they raise her up above the court house / And it’s just another day in Heaven South,” radiate the best parts about living in the Southern region and Paisley keeps that spirit alive throughout each verse.

Featured as a part of his visual album, Paisley also shot a music video for “Heaven South” right in Nashville’s own backyard of Franklin, Tennessee. The quaint farm town creates the dreamlike setting for the video as the nicest small town where everyone knows everyone. Paisley rides around its town square and down back roads where the fields flow in gorgeous green shades over the hills while nearby residents wave hello as they greet the country star into their welcoming village.

“Heaven South” is featured as one of Paisley’s singles off his latest release, Love and War. The track follows up hits like “Today” and “Last Time for Everything.”

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