Brad Paisley Admits He Uses ‘Loopholes’ to Get Out of Trouble With His Wife

Brad Paisley likes to mess around no matter the occasion, and being a father to two kids doesn’t stop that notion whatsoever.

Always playing the role as the class clown, Paisley even incorporates his silly humor into his home life and makes his kids get into character just to tease his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Although she may secretly appreciate the ‘dad jokes’ he throws at her from time to time, Paisley does admit that sometimes, she doesn’t give a laugh like he wishes she would.

“My wife gets so mad at me because I push the limits of sort of decency as a father in that sense. I love to…I call it ‘loopholes’…like the boys and I, we have a pond, and we have a huge dam, and I’ll take a video of them standing on the dam, and I’ll have Huck…and I used to do this when he was little (laugh), he’d stand on the dam and he’d say ‘Hey Mom, dam,’ and he would point at the dam, and then it would be like a summer day, and Jasper would say ‘Yep, hot dam.’ And send that to her in a video, and she would just write back like, ‘Oh, stop!’ I say ‘That’s a loophole,’” Paisley admitted playfully.

Paisley’s sense of humor came out in full during his “Last Time for Everything” video, in which the country singer used inspirations from the 80s and beyond to replicate the lyrical theme of the single. He even enlisted the help of David Hasselhoff as his co-star to really bring the colorful decade to life and insert himself back into his role on Knight Rider.

The comedy doesn’t just fall short of Paisley making quirky music videos; he also hosted his very own Netflix stand-up comedy special called Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo, which featured celebrity comedians and country star cameos throughout the hilarious routines.

Paisley is set the finish up his Weekend Warrior World Tour by the end of September, before prepping to co-host the 51st Annual CMA Awards in November.