Brantley Gilbert and His Wife Are Expecting Their First Child Together

Brantley Gilbert is letting out “One Hell of An Amen” after learning that his wife Amber Cochran is pregnant. After trying for two years to conceive, the couple will welcome their first child together this November.

“I’m not an emotional guy, but this has got me crying like a baby,” he told People. “I’m pretty good around other folks now, but when I’m by myself, if I look at one of the pictures from the doctor’s office, I lose a few tears.”

After trying unsuccessfully for some time, the couple decided to consult with a specialist to weigh their options.
“We’d been to see a fertility specialist, and two different folks that told me it would be close to a miracle if it happened without IVF,” he shared. “I’m not much of a quitter, but I was really, really frustrated.”

The couple was hesitant about beginning the in vitro fertilization journey, so they decided to put their dreams for a family on the back burner for awhile… that is, until Amber surprised the singer in February with the news.

“She handed me a box and there were three pregnancy tests in there and all of them were positive,” he recalled. “I think I stared at it for at least two minutes without saying anything because I was literally in shock. We’d been told it was just not in the cards, and I’m staring at this answer to many, many, many prayers.”

The chance to become a father is something Gilbert is ready to soak in.

“This Dec. 18 will be five years without drinking for me. I got a long way away from the things that I was raised to prioritize: being a husband and a good father. Coming back to that and this happening, especially unexpectedly … My heart just feels full,” he added. “I’ve never been more in love with her!”

Baby Gilbert is due Nov. 17, with the couple learning the gender in two weeks at a gender reveal party. They plan on raising their son or daughter in the small town of Maysville, Georgia.