Brett Eldredge Wants to Curl in the Winter Olympics

Brett Eldredge thinks curling would be the best sport to play in the Winter Olympics so he could have a drink in between runs.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brett Eldredge Wants to Curl in the Winter Olympics
Brett Eldredge; Photo via Instagram

Brett Eldredge has come to grips with the fact that he’s not the world’s best athlete, but he’d still like to brush up his skills when it comes to curling.

Admitting that skiing is not his forte, Eldredge immediately set his mind on the strategic sport of curling as his go-to choice for the Winter Olympics. Realizing there’s enough time in between runs to grab a drink and chat with your teammates while waiting for the next stone, the singer opted toward the easy, fun route in his opinion.

“I’m not super… I mean I’m athletic, but I can’t ski worth a crap. I mean I kind of can, but end up on my butt a lot. Curling just looks like something you could drink as while you’re doing it too. I mean you couldn’t like while you’re doing it, but all the time you’re practicing you can be like, ‘Oh, I’ll have some friends over and we’ll start a curling team,’ and the next thing you know it’s a kind of drinking game but you’re also really good at it. And then all of a sudden I’m an Olympian. You know what I’m saying? So curling is my final answer, yes. I actually really would, I’ve always wanted to go curling,” Eldredge told Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently.

Most fans would guess for the Summer Games though, that Eldredge would draft himself to the American team for baseball due to his love of his home stage Chicago Cubs. Nevertheless, it looks like the “Castaway” singer will stick to his music career for now and leave the sports to the professional athletes.

Eldredge is currently out on the road for the Country Music Freaks Tour with Blake Shelton. Fans can find out about tour dates and tickets on his website.