Brett Eldredge Feels ‘No Pressure’ on Tour with Luke Bryan

A little bit of performing and a little bit of party, and you’ve got Brett Eldredge’s ‘kind of night’ while out on the road with Luke Bryan.

While the two country stars have hit the road together before on the Kill the Lights Tour, Eldredge never ceases to be amazed at how effortless Bryan makes performing look. Creating a chill environment both on and off-stage, the “Drunk on Your Love” singer never feels intimidated to take on the rowdy crowds packing the arenas across the country.

“I’ve never had an experience like this with a tour where Luke and the way he treats his tour is exactly what I love because he takes the pressure off of feeling like…there is no pressure. It’s so comfortable backstage, it’s almost so relaxed that you’re like, ‘Am I working right now?’ Something feels wrong because it’s so right—it’s kinda like you’re at summer camp or something. You’re so loose and so relaxed and all you gotta do is go up and sing songs and entertain people,” Eldredge told Sounds Like Nashville and other media outlets.

After doing some time as an opener for the past few years, Eldredge hopes to emulate the kind of vibe that Bryan gives off in every show when he takes on the task of his own headlining tour. Keeping things on the fun side gives Eldredge hope that his fans will have fun when he’s rocking out his own sold-out shows someday in the near future.

“He’s up on stage throwing beer at people in the crowd from a cooler and it’s a consistent party and the environment is just consistently relaxed and everything I love about a tour and how I would want to create my tour. Let’s just have fun and not worry about anything else. You kinda don’t think about the business aspects when you have a guy like that from top down he just sends that message and I love that about him,” he explained.

Eldredge will kick off the Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day Tour with Bryan in Nashville on May 5.