Brett Eldredge Pours His Heart Out in ‘Love Someone’

It seems like Brett Eldredge is finally ready to settle down and he’s looking for true love like that in his new track, “Love Someone.”

The song, which playfully teases many romantic thoughts, pulls out the happy-go-lucky side of Eldredge complete with a catchy beat and lighthearted melody. Searching the world for a girl to knock him off his feet and fall head over heels, the country singer refers to the innocence of love and lets the breeziness of a relationship pour over his perfect loved-up scenario.

Noting that his third album will definitely be the most emotionally tied to him, Eldredge hopes the listeners of “Love Someone” really reflect on who he’s becoming as an artist and a person the more that time rolls by. Flirting with the idea of falling for someone and soon, Eldredge offered up his heart and soul for the sake of this song and record.

“You gotta be spontaneous and mix it up some and I feel like with this record, I’m gonna have some of that but also just some big heart breakers in there and some deeper lyrics on love and what I’m looking for in love and stuff like that. It’s much deeper than anything we’ve done yet and I’m excited about that,” Eldredge told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at a previous No. 1 party.

So far, fans have gotten a taste of Eldredge’s other upcoming sounds including the passionate tune, “The Long Way” and his quirky radio single, “Something I’m Good At.”

“Love Someone” will be just one of the many songs featured on Brett Eldredge’s self-titled record, due out on August 4.