Brett Young Divulges His Favorite ‘Local Haunts’ of Nashville

As a California native and an adopted Nashvillian, Brett Young knows a thing or two about the places he calls home and now he wants to share those spots with his fans.

The country singer partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to spill all of his secrets when it comes to traveling, whether the destination be far away or right back in a town he knows like the back of his hand. Rather than lead tourists to the places that will get them caught up in a crowd or leave them in the land of gimmicks, Young divulged the best way to see certain cities through his connection to Enterprise.

“Enterprise came to me with this program. Obviously, what a great idea to save people from themselves. A day or two in the city and they have no idea what to do—you pick up a pamphlet at the airport and the next thing you know you’re going to all the cheesiest spots in town no one intended to go to. There’s so many things in both Orange County where I grew up and here in Nashville where I live now. They’re the local haunts. They’re the cool spots that you’d never know about if somebody that was from here and a part of it didn’t tell you,” he explained exclusively to Sounds Like Nashville during a phone interview.

The mapping out of his top locations took no time at all, as Young typically heads back to his local favorites whenever he gets a break from touring out on the road. Knowing that Enterprise would take care of the transportation part of the travel, the “Like I Loved You” singer knew that the teamwork between the organization and his own choices would make for an effortless guide to take a trip wherever his fans needed to go.

“They wanted me to help out with some tips about not only Nashville, but also Orange County where I’m from. I love that idea because there are a lot of spots and activities in both cities that are very near and dear to my heart. I loved the idea. I thought what they were doing was very cool. Their idea for my involvement was kind of perfect. I’m really excited to be a part of it,” he said.

Young’s fans can find out some of his favorite places to go in Nashville, or at home in Orange County, by heading to the Enterprise Facebook page for more details.

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