Cam is Busy Working On Her Follow-Up to 2015’s ‘Untamed’

In December 2015, Cam introduced herself to the Country music community with her debut album, Untamed. The project was released to much critical acclaim and earned her a GRAMMY nomination for the poignant track, “Burning House.”

The singer/songwriter has been busy promoting her music with a slew of tour dates since its release, but as of late, has been somewhat silent on the radio front. While she hasn’t had a single grace the airwaves lately, Cam is however working on new tunes and hopes to have new music out to her fans very soon.

“I’ve been setting up for the next album. And like, really hunkering down. The success of ‘Burning House’ has been so amazing to get me into the room with some really wonderful collaborators,” she excitedly told Sounds Like Nashville at a recent event in Nashville. “The song writing has just taken its next jump, which is what you hope for. Because, obviously the first album was a big starter fund. Now I’m on Sony and I have the budget and the talent, and the know how to come together and really give everybody something that is next level. So, I’m really excited about that.”

Songwriting has been a large part of Cam’s career. She’s written songs for artists such as Miley Cyrus and Maggie Rose and also co-wrote all 12 tracks on her debut album. While much of her songwriting has been geared toward her sophomore effort, the California native did tease that she may have her name credited on other artist’s albums coming down the pipeline.

“I think I have some other songs that I’m really excited they’re gonna come out on other people’s albums too,” she shared. “For me as an artist, I just want to elevate what women are doing to the next level. I want what I’m doing to transcend where you don’t ask anymore like, ‘Oh you’re a women, it’s really impressive that you made it.’ You just say, ‘Wow, that music’s really great.’”

No word on when Cam’s new project will drop. In the meantime, fans can catch her playing shows across the country, in addition to opening for George Strait in Las Vegas.

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